17 November 2019

Von Stein, Brauchle en Stottmeister form a new team

When the World Cup four-in-hand season closes in Stuttgart a press conference will be held to introduce the new four-in-hand team consisting of Georg von Stein, Michael Brauchle and Markus Stottmeister. Michael Freund will be the team captain.

Georg von Stein
Photo: Krisztina Horváth

Improved presentation

A number of sponsors have come forward to create this team and help German combined driving in general as well as specifically these three drivers. The idea is to make the driving sport, and primarily the four-in-hand sport more popular and visible. This collaboration is also meant to give the above mentioned drivers through financial support the means to access more training which will hopefully stimulate beter presentations.


Michael Brauchle
Photo: Krisztina Horváth

Team voor twee jaar

The firm Tempoline Pferdesport GmbH will head up the coordination of the team for the next two years. The sponsor group consists of a number of businesses who have a passion for driving and want to support this new initiative. At the moment the following companies are supporters of this new team:

  • Schmidt Sporthandschuhe
  • Fleck Reit- und Fahrpeitschen
  • Ensinger Mineralbrunnen
  • Haas Bürsten
  • Tisoware Gesellschaft für Zeitwirtschaft
  • Straub Verpackungen

Markus Stottmeister
Photo: Krisztina Horváth

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