4 July 2021

Windsor 2021: Wins for Exell and Dutch team

This weekend the Royal Windsor Horse Show was held in the beautiful gardens of Windsor Castle. Despite just competitors, volunteers and British spectators allowed on the grounds, the quality of the sport on display was still of the highest quality.

A close field

“The top drivers were very close in the standings. This meant that every steering correction or deviation from a line in the marathon and cones resulted in penalty points”, tells Dutch team coach Ad Aarts. Under his leadership the Dutch drivers managed to win all three phases of competition, but they were unable to hold onto the individual title, which went to Boyd Exell (AUS).

“IJsbrand drove and extremely good dressage test”, tells Aarts. The judges were unanimous in placing him first. “He has rarely driven a test so well and without mistakes. But his score reflects that, not just anyone can drive a test of 36,06 penalty points.”


IJsbrand Chardon, dressuur Windsor 2021
Photo: Marie de Ronde-Oudemans


“The seven obstacles were technical and there was a lot of turning. IJsbrand’s ground tempo was too slow, which was unfortunate. It made good turns and staying on his lines more difficult.”

Koos de Ronde was the marathon winner and had the fastest time in both obstacles 1 and 7. “He needed to make room in the last obstacle and he did it. Exell was on his heels and those two seconds that he gained in the last obstacle clinched the win.”


Koos de Ronde, marathon Windsor 2021
Photo: Marie de Ronde-Oudemans

Tough cones

The cones was difficult and the time limit was tight. “This made for great sport”, tells Aarts. “Koos was the only one to drive a double clear, even with having to change his team at the last minute. IJsbrand had a bit too much resistance and that had direct effect on the end results, but that is what makes the sport so great here in Windsor.”

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