11 May 2016

Windsor: all horses and ponies fit to compete

All horses and ponies competing at the Royal Windsor Horse Show have been declared fit to compete this morning by the veterinarians and the Ground Jury. 190 horses were presented to the Ground Jury led by Andrew Counsell from Great Britain.

Due to the heavy rainfall yesterday and tonight it was decided this morning that the location of the Horse Inspection is going to be changed and there will be only one lane. 
One horse from British individual driver Karen Bassett will be presented for re-inspection tomorrow morning.

Teams from Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands and Sweden are taking part in the CAIO competition for Horse Fours.
10 pony four-in-hand drivers are competing against each other at the Royal Windsor Horse Show which celebrates the Queen’s 90th Birthday this year.

The dressage starts at 10.00 hrs on Thursday with the horse teams, while the dressage for pony teams begins at 10.00 hrs on Friday. 

Click here for the starting orders and results.

Click here for the photos.