7 September 2021

The World Championships for Pair Horses in Kronenberg has begun!

The competitors began arriving at the 2021 World Championships for Pair horses in Kronenberg, NL yesterday. After having to cancel the 2020 World Championships for four-in-hand horses everything is ready to go ahead and it promises to be a great week.

The opening ceremonies began with a nations parade, where the 22 nations and their drivers, grooms and team members entered the arena on foot under the evening sun. The officials were brought into the arena by World Champion Riny Rutjens in a beautiful traditional carriage.


150 volunteers

Event Chairman Nico Rijnbende welcomed the teams and thanked the 150 volunteers for the all of the hard work that has gone into preparing the grounds for this event. He wished all of the competitors good luck and above all that they enjoy this week. Mayor Ryan Palmen congratulated the organization on being able to organize an event like this in such a difficult time and FEI representative Manuel de Mello officially opened the World Championships.

After the opening ceremonies, the traditional nations night was held where countries share foods and specialties from their home.


More than just driving

The theme of this championship is ‘Connecting the World Horsewide’ and the goal is to make connections within the region to this discipline of equestrian sport. The organization has a number of side-events that hope to attract a wide range of public and spectators. On Thursday afternoon 150 seniors have signed up for an educational trip to the competition and on Friday representatives from 200 local business will enjoy a varied program to enjoy both the best equestrian sport and gastronomy the region has to offer. Sunday is Family Day and also the Love, Emotion and Food Festival along with a Bixie pony competition are on the program.

This event will follow all of the current Covid-19 guidelines. For the Covid rules and more information visit the event website.

Click here for photos from the opening ceremony

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