5 May 2020

Zdzislaw Dominiak: “Happy to keep fulfilling our customers dreams”

The well-known carriage company Zdzislaw Dominiak from Poland is working very hard to keep their customers happy in these difficult times. A physical visit to their company headquarters based in Piaski is not possible at this moment, but Dominiak has found other ways to keep close contact with their customers.

Keep fulfilling dreams

“We have of course had to adapt to the restrictions imposed by the state, but we are lucky to be based in a region where only nine cases of Covid-19 have been reported so far,” explains Mateusz from Dominiak. “Before the outbreak of the epidemic, we received a lot of orders which are in the process of realization. We are really happy, that we still can fulfill our customers dreams.”

Deliver to the doorstep worldwide

“We are able to process all orders which we receive by e-mail, phone or WhatsApp. Shipping companies are able to deliver the ordered carriages to the customer’s doorstep without any problems. In the past weeks, have managed to deliver carriages to Spain, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, Canada, South Korea, Austria and Sweden. We are currently in the process of realising an order for the USA, which has been affected most by the corona virus.”


Keep faith

“Until now, we have not had to take any action to keep our company running, but we don’t know what future will bring. We are sad that many competitions have been cancelled, but we hope that carriage driving enthusiasts will still need carriages for training or recreation. We are worried about the situation all over the world because the destiny of our company depends on foreign orders. But we have faith that the situation will become better and we hope, that we will soon be able to meet our clients at our headquarters and at the competitions.”

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