20 juni 2015

Lähden: Nederlandse tweespanrijders bovenaan in de marathon

Today’s marathon in Lähden, Germany, took place under ideal weather circumstances. The skies remained dry and the temperature was ideal for the horses, although it was a little cold sometimes for the spectators, who enjoyed the 10th anniversary of this wonderful driving event. Boyd Exell won the marathon in the horse fours class and Marco Freund was the fastest driver in the horse pairs class.

Boyd Exell won despite a small hickup in obstacle six when his leaders nearly went into the wrong gate. Exell quickly corrected this and still set the 4th time. The reigning World Champion stayed ahead of host Christoph Sandmann, who knocked two balls down. Vice World Champion Chester Weber also had two knockdowns and finished third, ahead of the strong performing Wilf Bowman Ripley.
Boyd is now eleven penalty points ahead of Weber in the standings, Georg von Stein and Wilf Bowman Ripley have kept their third and fourth place respectively.