8 juli 2015

Mezőhegyes is building for the future

Richard Papens, FEI level 4 Technical Delegate from Belgium visited Mezöhegyes to verify the preparation process of the CAI3* event which takes place from 16th to 19th July. This was the first time he attended Mezöhegyes but not the last. He was fascinated by the historical atmosphere, the hospitality of local people and the proficiency. 

He believes that the spot meets perfectly the expectation of a driving competition. The showground and the service buildings are concentrated at the same place that means benefit. He was pleased with the work had already been done and gave advice for further agenda.

„As soon as I arrived, I could feel history among these beautiful buildings. Mezöhegyes is building for the future as a new site of driving competitions, thinking of long term development. Young people are involved in the organization and I could see that they have nice plans” he mentioned.
He is looking forward to coming back to the venue of the FEI World Driving Championship for Young Horses in September too.