8 juli 2015

Nebanice: all horses fit to compete

The horse inspection took place under windy weather conditions in Nebanice this afternoon. The cooler temperature replaced the heat of the previous days, which was nice. However, this was paid for by the hail and thunderstorm which nearly swept out the drivers camp the previous night. Luckily enough the stables survived and the storm took out just a few drivers’ tents and part of the catering area.

During the inspection, 165 horses from 11 countries were presented. The majority of the competitors participate in the team competition, with 24 four-in-hand drivers, while the other classes are much less populated with 19 drivers altogether. Two Czech single drivers will be inspected tomorrow morning due to their travel delays. Today, all horses passed the horse inspection and were declared fit to compete. The competition starts tomorrow afternoon with dressage for single horses, pony pairs and horse pairs, while the pony and horse teams will drive their dressage tests on Friday.

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