7 december 2015

Succesvolle FEI cursussen in Lamotte Beuvron

The home of the French Equestrian Federation in Lamotte Beuvron was host of an FEI Course for Judges, Technical Delegates, Course Designers and Stewards from 2 to 6 December.

Forty-six participants from nine different nations, Portugal, Lithuania, Germany, Norway, Hungary, Belgium, UK, Switzerland and France, took part in the courses. 
All facilities were available on the venue of Lamotte Beuvron for a successful FEI Course.
Dr. Klaus Christ (GER) was responsible for the judges and Richard Papens (BEL) for the Technical Delegates. The course director for the Course Designers was Richard Nicoll (USA) while Jan Devaere (BEL) led the course for the Stewards.

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