4 oktober 2014

The Spanish Championship has started!

The Spanish Championship is being held this weekend in Dos Hermanas. The event has started with dressage where thirty-three drivers presented their dressage test.

Joaquin Rodriguez got the best dressage points from four out of five judges and won dressage in the single class. With a score of 40,51 he finished first ahead of Antonio Perez(48,45). Francisco Ballester finished third with 49,86 penalties.
Daniel Gutierrez drove the best test by the pairs yesterday and won with 47,05 penalty points. Juan J. Romero is on the second place with 49,96 and Jose Ignacio Solana lies in third position with 54,99.
Juan Antonio Real Garcia was the winner in the Four-in-Hands category with 48,00 penalties. Juan Robles finished second with 56,47 and Antonio Carrillo came third with 59,08.

Marathon starts today at 10.30.

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