14 mei 2014

Windsor: two horses out

The horse inspection of the international driving event for horse pairs, horse teams and pony teams at the Royal Windsor Horse Show took place this morning under lovely weather circumstances. The grounds have dried up from the heavy rain showers and all is prepared for the next competition days. The jury and the veterinarians declared two out of the 256 presented horses ‘not fit to compete’ at this first horse inspection.

One horse of the Swiss pair driver Lancelot Marx, the 9-year-old Lektor, and the 18-year-old gelding Luma de Lux of Swedish four-in-hand driver Fredrik Persson are not allowed to compete. Both drivers will compete however with their other horses.
The dressage for the horse fours is on Thursday 15th May from 10.00 hrs. The horse pairs and pony fours have their dressage on Friday, 16th May.

Click here for the photos.