31 August 2013

3 year guarantee on browbands with Swarovski

A three year guarantee; that’s what you get when you buy a JUDI browband, dog collar or belt. The fact is that the Swarovski crystal is guaranteed to stay put thanks to the silver case around the small stone, for it is vacuum pressed into the products.

“At events where we have a stand, people often inquire whether these crystals stay put. I know from experience that they don’t fall out; we have been working with this system for 3 years now and not a single customer has since reported that the crystal has fallen out of his or her browband, dog collar or belt”, says Judith Sondag (owner of Judi Manche). “We therefore give a 3 year guarantee with confidence.”
So the browbands can stand rough handling and are ‘horse proof’. The Swarovski crystal on a dog collar is also guaranteed to stay put if a dog starts scratching; they are ‘dog proof’ thanks to the silver case around the small stones. The tendon boots are made with the same system, so the guarantee applies to these too.

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