About Hoefnet

Hoefnet provides the carriage driving enthusiast with the latest news, videos, and an extensive photo album of both indoor and outdoor competitions. A full FEI calendar and a comprehensive results page covers the outcome of not only local training competitions but also national and international driving events and World Championships; often published via live scoring.

Hoefnet was founded in 1996 and since then has become one of the leading carriage driving websites worldwide. With over 133.000 users per month, Hoefnet is one of the most popular horse-sport websites world-wide.

Hoefnet publishes news about drivers and driving events worldwide and is available in English, German, Dutch and Hungarian. The amount of traffic directed to your site via Hoefnet can easily be tracked with the use of Google Analytics.

The power of Hoefnet is in its active involvement and passion for the sport of carriage driving. The always up-to-date news, is presented to you in an objective and informative way.

Hoefnet has a presence at a large number of driving competitions in the Netherlands and abroad, including European- and World Championships. This allows us to continually provide our driving fans with the latest news, results, videos and photos.

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Meike Paridaans, Editor-in-Chief
T: +31 (0) 658 912633
E: info@hoefnet.nl