22 July 2017

Aachen: József Dobrovitz and Team win Lavazza Prize

The impressive main stadium in Aachen was reserved this evening for the spectacular Jumping, Eventing and Driving competition. The team of József Dobrovitz, eventing rider Alexander Bragg (GBR) and show jumpers Samuel Parrot (CHI) and Juan Carlos Garcia (ITA) were first to start and set the fastest time, which could not be beaten by the remaining five teams.

József Dobrovitz with Alexander Bragg (GBR), Samuel Parrot (CHI) and Juan Carlos Garcia (ITA)
Photo: Rinaldo de Craen

The many spectators very much enjoyed this last class of today, despite the heavy rain showers.

The team with Georg von Stein and eventer Ingrid Klimke were the only one with a clear round which resulted in the second place. IJsbrand Chardon formed a team with the successful eventer Michael Jung. The Dutch/German team did their best and finished on the third place.

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József Dobrovitz
Photo: Rinaldo de Craen