1 December 2015

American sponsor for Mark Weusthof

As was his plan, Mark Weusthof will be returning to the four-in-hand international arena in 2016. Thanks to his new sponsor, American Heather Briggs from the Belle Grey Farm in Upperville Virginia, as well as two other co-sponsors, Weusthof will be able to return to competing with the best drivers in the world after taking a step back in 2015.

"Belle Grey Farm is our new primary sponsor", tells Weusthof. "Our long time sponsor, Kuipers Logistics will once again be supplying a lorry for our use and the German company Sula will step in as new co-sponsor. Everything is coming together nicely with everyone focusing on the same goals. This way we can fully focus on the sport."

Heather Briggs' Belle Gray Farm deals in hunters, jumpers and driving horses. The American, who picutred above with her son Aiden explains: "I train horses and give lessons. Depending on my clients and the sales during the season, sometimes I spend the winters in Florida. I love being in the barn and to know every horse and how they are feeling. The well being of the horses is my greatest concern, because a partnership with the driver or rider is based on respect and trust."

In the past Heather Briggs has functioned as a groom for the drivers she sponsors. "I think in this case it will be difficult to free up enough time to do this for Mark. Besides, Mark together with Linda and Edwin, his family and foundation have been such a good team for so many years that there are always enough people to get the work done. I am planning on being in Horst for the first competition of the season."

Heather was previously the sponsor and groom for the American pair driver Rachael Blanchard, who together with the American team placed fourth at the World Pair Championships in Topolcianky in 2013.

Bron: Hippisch Twente/ Hoefnet