4 December 2015

Ászár-Kisbér candidate EC Youth 2018 and WCH Ponies 2019

The Organising Committee of the international competition in Ászár-Kisbér has put in bids for two Championships: the FEI European Driving Championship for Young Riders, Juniors & Children in 2018 and FEI World Pony Driving Championships in 2019.

The EC Youth takes place in Biblis, Germany next year, while the World Pony Driving Championships in 2017 will be held in Minden, Germany.

Organiser of Ászár-Kisbér, Vilmos Jámbor is a big supporter of youth and pony driving. He was also a candidate for the World Pony Driving Championships in 2017 and after it was allocated to Minden, he immediately decided to bid for the next possible opportunity in 2019. 

The deadline for submitting bids for these Championships was 1st December and Ászár-Kisbér was the only bidder.