13 October 2015

Ászár/Kisbér applies for 2017 World Pony Driving Championships

The OC of the international driving competition in Ászár/Kisbér, Hungary, has put in a bid to organise the 2017 FEI World Combined Pony Driving Championships. Organiser Vilmos Jámbor is a passionate pony driver himself and would love to welcome the Pony Driving World at his venue.

At this moment there are no other candidates. The FEI will allocate the World Pony Driving Championships, the FEI World Driving Championships for Young Horses and the FEI World Cup™ Driving Final 2017 this fall.
The FEI European Championships four-in-hand 2017 will take place in Gothenburg and the FEI World Pair Championships 2017 are allocated to Lipica.