21 July 2013

Beekbergen: Exell drives cool-headed to the victory

Today Boyd Exell finished his job very well in the cones competition in Beekbergen. The course was very difficult with the new obstacles ‘the wave’ and ‘the star’. The audience breathlessly watched how the four in hand drivers did their best to make no mistakes.

Boyd Exell stayed clear in the obstacles and only had 7,99 penalty points for exceeding the time. Koos de Ronde achieved even better and scored only 3,63 time faults. It was not enough to catch up, so Exell won the competition and De Ronde stayed second. Also Theo Timmerman had only time faults and ended at the fouth place in the overall competition. Chester Weber gave a good performance and ended in between the two Dutchman in the third position.