19 July 2015

Beekbergen: Great winners

The Hungarian Martin Hölle came, saw and conquered the single pony division. Right from the start he took the lead in dressage and he wasn't going to give it up without a fight. With a huge lead after dressage and marathon the 0.37 penalty points for time in cones didn't threaten his overall win, but the class itself was won by Tamara Pijl who drove a double clear round. 

Rodinde Rutjens (NL) who sat just behind the Brit Roger Campbell going into cones rose to the top of the pair pony division. Campbell unfortunately went off-course allowing Rutjens to slip by and take the win. Second place went to Henny Tadema (NL).

The win in the para-equestrian division also went to a Dutch combination. Francisca den Elzen had the lead after dressage, but upon completing the challenging marathon she had to give up that lead to Ingmar Veneman. The tables turned again in the cones where Francisca den Elzen was able to snatch back the win by driving a good course with only a few time penalties and knocking Veneman back down to second place. 

The pair horse division was dominated by the Germans with Marco Freund, Sandro Koalick, Arndt Lörcher and Anna Sandmann finishing 1,2,3 and 4. Barry Capstick from Ireland rounded out the top five. Sandmann was the top cones driver putting down a double clear round.

And in the international four-in-hand horses Boyd Exell managed to hold on to his lead and clinched the overall win after a neck and neck battle with IJsbrand Chardon. Michael Brauchle finished third in the division. The cones was won by Chester Weber who was the only team to drive a double clear round. Alongside the international competition, the Dutch national four-in-hand championships were also taking place, where IJsbrand Chardon claimed his 26th National title. Koos de Ronde and Peter de Ronde also took to the podium for their second and third place finishes.  

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