20 July 2013

Beekbergen: Shifts in classification pairs after marathon

The marathon in Beekbergen was spectacular, and a lot of surprising things happened. Tom Engbers and Harrie Verstappen were in a terrific shape. They both had almost the same result. With just 0,03 points difference Engbers won the marathon. Harrie Verstappen is now in the lead because of his very good marathon result.

With less than a ball difference Tom Engbers is now in second position. Dressage winner Mieke van Tergouw had an off day. She started rather good in the marathon, but in the obstacles 3 and 7 she lost too much time. To make matters worse, her stopwatch didn’t work and as a result of that she became time faults in phase E. Overall she dropped at the fifth position. Bad luck also for Carlo Vermeulen. He grazed a pole in obstacle 7 and capsized. “It is more than ten years ago that this happened to me.” Tomorrow he is the first pair driver in the cones.