21 July 2013

Beekbergen: Tom Engbers winner pairs competition

One could hear a pin drop during the final at the competition in Beekbergen. It was very exciting because the top ten drivers were close each other after two days of competition. No driver had a clear round.

The best result was for Gerard Leyten: he had no knockdowns and only had 4,14 penalty points for exceeding the time allowed. Carlo Vermeulen had the second result with one knockdown and 2,92 time penalties. Tom Engbers was the second last to start, scored 13 penalty points and gave his opponent Harrie Verstappen more advantage. Verstappen was in the lead and therefore was the last to start in the competition. He made a terrible mistake in the ‘Star-obstacle’. After gate A he took gate C by accident and was eliminated. Thus Tom Engbers was the winner. Claudio Fumagalli became second and because he won in the cones competition Gerard Leyten ended in third position overall.