8 August 2014

Belgium announces team for WEG

The Belgian driving commission met on Monday, August 4th, to compose their team for the 2014 World Championships in Caen.  

Chairman of the Flemish driving commision Mark Wentein explained their choice:  "For the young drivers Glenn Geerts and Edouard Simonet was the decision straightforward.  The third place on the team after a majority vote went to Gert Schrijvers."

"The team was ultimately decided on the basis of results from the international selections in Windsor, Saumur, Aachen and Riesenbeck.  As a commision we have chosen these three drivers, with Félix-Marie Brasseur as the first reserve, and our decision has been presented the KBRSF.  The federation will have the last word, after looking at the FEI qualification standards, as well as a preventetive control of all horses by team veterinarian Jef Desmedt. We as a commission wish that every four-in-hand driver is headed to Caen with five healthy horses."

The Four-in-Hand World Championships will take place during the World Equestrian Games in Normandy, France from September 3-7.