7 September 2023

CAIO Baborówko 2023: the Show starts on Friday

The Baborówko Driving Show is not only hosting a Nations Cup for Horse Fours and Horse Pairs, but is also the venue for the Polish National Championships this weekend. The CAIO4*-H4 competition will feature, among others, the best drivers from Australia, Germany and Austria with top drivers Boyd Exell, Christoph Sandmann and Daniel Schneiders.

The Horse Fours class is made up of 20 competitors from nine nations, with six Teams. Poland will be represented in the Nations Cup for Horse Fours by Piotr Mazurek, Wiesław Sadowski and Krzysztof Stefaniak. The same drivers will also compete for the podium in the Polish Championships.

The Horse Pairs class counts 24 Competitors from seven countries and four Teams. Poland is represented in the Nations Cup for Horse Pairs by Marek Baryłko, Hubert Cytowski, Szymon John and the current Polish Champion, Weronika Kwiatek.

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Photo: M&R Photo