17 August 2014

Drebkau: Gold for Warneck and Baackmann

The Carriage Driving Centre in Raakow-Drebkau, Germany, was the stage for the German Pony and Pair Driving Championships last weekend. In the Horse Pairs Class, Sebastian Warneck took home his seventh golden medal, while Dieter Baackmann won gold for the second time in the Pony Pairs Class.

Photo: Dr. Jürgen Schwarzl

In the Horse Pairs Class there was no real favourite. Rainer Bruelheide won the dressage, while the best German driver in the marathon on the second place was the 2011 World Champion Carola Slater-Diener.
After dressage and marathon, it was all open as the differences in the top ten were very small. 19-year-old Anna Sandmann was in the lead ahead of Sebastian Warneck.
The final obstacle cones competition was a true nerve-killer, and not just for the competitors! None of the drivers drove a double clear round. The pressure was on for Anna Sandmann, who had a little over one ball advantage to Warneck. She knocked one ball down and was just a little slower, which meant the gold went to Warneck and Anna took home the silver, a great performance. Stefan Schottmüller finished on the third step of the podium.

Anna Sandmann. Photo: Dr. Jürgen Schwarzl