11 February 2015

Dutch support for French driver Mourier

The participation of the French four-in-hand driver Sébastien Mourier at the FEI World Cup™ Driving Final in Bordeaux last weekend was the kick off for the cooperation between Mourier and the France-based Dutch horse breeders Eric and Arjan Bouwman.

Mr. and mrs. Bouwman are the owners of the Arabo Friesian Stud Farm Haras de Pourcaud in Monfaucon, Dordogne. The couple was looking for a new dimension for their stud farm as from 2015.
The very strong performances of the Belgian four-in-hand driver Edouard Simonet with the Arabo Friesians of Jelle’s Home and the good results of the French four-in-hand drivers at the World Equestrian Games in Normandy encouraged the Bouwman family to start this new project, in which they wanted to commit themselves to a French driver who performs at high level.
Sébastien Mourier will continue to compete at international driving competitions, supported by his current team members, owners and partners. The 35-year-old driver will move to Le Haras de Pourcaud next week where he will start training Arabo Friesian horses as well as his own horses. This will allow him to gradually bring the new Arabo Friesian team to the level required to compete at international four-in-hand competitions.

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