11 March 2015

ESSA Driving Cup: State Studs start series in international driving sport

The international driving calendar 2015 will be enriched by one more attraction. Five partner studs of the European State Studs Association (ESSA) organise a joint series, the ESSA Driving Cup, to point out the significance of the state studs for the breeding of horses especially suitable for driving, as centres of education and as places of top sport in the special atmosphere of the historic stud premises.

“Driving is the only discipline in horse sport that involves different horse types and breeds up to international championship level. This aspect needs to be recognised and supported, with regard to tradition, the diversity of breeds and the development of modern driving sport”, says ESSA President Dr. Astrid von Velsen-Zerweck. Vice-President Dr. Maximilian Dobretsberger, who is an active driver and sport leader of the series, adds „The national studs contribute significantly to the preservation of breed and type diversity and can give important impulses. Breeding institutions which since many generations breed horses especially for driving purposes are able to present horses successfully on top level and thus combine cultural heritage and world class sport”.

Thus, it is not surprising, that some national studs have become centres of international driving sport and organise first class competitions. The series will be integrated in the CAI3* competitions for pairs at the driving events of the partner studs. To participate in the series, pairs need to have successfully completed at least three of the five competitions. The three best final results of all competitors of the individual competitions will be added. In connection with the final prize giving ceremony at the CAI Piber on August 9th, 2015 the three pairs with the best total result will be honoured. The winning pair will receive the ESSA Driving Cup 2015. 

For further information about the European State Studs Association, its partner institutions and activities visit: www.europeanstatestuds.org.