8 February 2024

FEI-regulations: Lap Belt use Clarified

The FEI has made a clarification in the driving regulations regarding the use of the lap belt to increase the safety of the driver.

Article 943, point 2.7 (page 35) describes how a driver is held by the groom / navigator at the back of the carriage, but may not be attached to the seat. For clarification, the FEI has placed a technical article on its website with a description and photos of what is permitted.

The seat belt may be attached to the carriage on one side, the other end may not be attached in any way, such as tape, tie wraps, buttons or quick-release fasteners. The seat belt must be held by the groom, and may be wrapped around a seat support in various ways, but only in one full circle (360 degrees). In no way should a restraint occur when the groom holds the seat belt.

Click here for het article of the FEI

Click here for the FEI – Driving Rules

Permitted wrapping

Permitted wrapping

Permitted wrapping