19 November 2023

FEI Four-in-Hand Championships to Lähden and Aachen

The 2025 European Four-in-Hand Championship will be held in Lähden and the 2026 World Four-in-Hand Championship will take place in Aachen. The FEI announced this today at the General Assembly in Mexico City.


The European Four-in-Hand Championship will be held between the end of August and the beginning of September 2025 in Lähden, Germany, at the grounds of the well-known carriage driving family Sandmann, who host a very successful international driving competition almost every year.


The World Four-in-Hand Championship in Aachen 2026 are part of several FEI Championships, featuring show jumping, dressage, eventing, para dressage and vaulting. The horse teams will compete in the second week of the Championships (18 to 23 August).

Photo: Sonja Scharf