20 November 2019

Bram Chardon misses out on FEI Award

European and World Cup Champion Bram Chardon was one of the candidates for the 'FEI Best Athlete Award'. Last night during the FEI gala in Moskow it was announced that German eventing rider Ingrid Klimke was the winner of the award.

Ingrid Klimke (links) won de FEI Best Athlete Award 2019

Last September the 51 year old Klimke won the European Eventing Championship for the second time with the same horse, a unique presentation. Klimke played an important role in Germany winning the team gold medal as well.

In addition to Bram Chardon and Ingrid Klimke, Steve Guerdat, Markus Fuchs and Sanne Voets were also nominated for this prestigious award.



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