11 October 2014

Gert Schrijvers passing the reins to his son

After completing a sucessful season with the International competition in Breda, the Belgian four-in-hand driver Gert Schrijvers has decided to step down from acitvely competing in the driving sport and is passing the reins over to his son Pieter.

Gert Schrijvers: "I have been thinking about this for a long time, but have now made up my mind. I'm stopping with four-in-hand competitions.  I am now 51, and after 25 years of international top sport I'm ready to fill my free time in another manner.  My son Pieter will be taking over the lines, and will eventually start campaigning a pair of horses. I will still be involved in the driving sport, training and assisting Pieter.  I would like to thank my sponsor and all the supporters who have been with us over the years."

Jef Aerts, teammate of Gert Schrijvers: "I completely understand Gert's decision. Pieter following in the footsteps of his father is a good thing."


Bron: Galop.be