25 February 2017

Gothenburg preparing for the European Championships

During the Four-in-hand World Cup Final in Gothenburg this weekend, the competitors, respective officials, and representatives from the National Federations had the opportunity to visit the show grounds in the heart of Gothenburg where the European Four-in-hand Championships will take place this summer.

Photo: Krisztina Horváth

The stabling for the Gothenburg Horse Show will also be used for the four-in-hands. The competitors will sleep in the nearby Gothis Towers hotel, so that they can be close to their horses. The stabling is large enough to accommodate carriages, a trailer and there is even room reserved for the drivers equipment as the trucks will be parked a distance away.

Dressage and cones will be driven in Heden, where the astroturf fields will be transformed into sand rings. This is also where various stands and vendors will be situated.

The marathon winds through the city to Slottsskogen Park, where the eight mobile marathon obstacles will stand. This is no small undertaking, as 700 volunteers are needed to keep things running and in order.


Photo: Krisztina Horváth

During the Swedish Championships which was a test competition for the European Championships, over 700 spectators visited the park without it ever being advertised. The organization is expecting between 20,000 and 45,000 spectators on marathon day, depending on the weather.

Entry for all days of the championships are free to the public.


FEI Technical Delegate Richard Nicoll (second from the left) visited Gothenburg this week.

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