13 February 2017

Hoefnet powered by We/Provide

As you may have noticed, Hoefnet has recently had a makeover thanks to We/Provide, the technical driving force behind Hoefnet. We/Provide is a digital bureau specializing in e-commerce and who just happens to have a passion for the horse sport.

The largest portion of work on the website is not visible to the Hoefnet visitor. We/Provide had the rather large task of moving and itemizing “20 years of Hoefnet” which included articles, starting orders, results and thousands of photos and videos into a modern technical system.

Besides Hoefnet, We/Provide is active in the horse-world with projects such as the Global Champions Tour, Global Champions League en Tops International Arena. With the Global Champions League (a new and exciting competitive concept where show jumpers compete in teams) show jumping is entering a new era and We/Provide is proud to not only build the website, but also provide all of the live broadcasting for these events. Both the Global Champions League and the Global Champions Tour are built with an extensive archive where all of the videos, biographies, bloodlines, and prize money can be found stretching back to the beginning of the tour.

In addition to these projects We/Provide supports a number of equine related events and businesses such as CAI Horst, Driving Valkenswaard International, VDB Stables, Glenn Geerts, Gendersteyn Stables, Chr. Van den Heuvel and Sons, Paardendagen Eersel, The Eersel Postel Rally and the Valkenswaard Carriage Museum.

Whether it be an equine related project or not, We/Provide is more than happy to help and would love to have a chat about what we can do for your business!