29 April 2020

IJsbrand Chardon steals the show with 12-in-hand

The fact that the FEI World Four-in-Hand Championships Limburg 2020 will not take place this year, does not keep IJsbrand Chardon from taking up another challenge! Chardon harnessed no less than 12 Lipizzaner horses in front of his marathon carriage the other day.

“It all started several weeks ago when Bram drove a six-in-hand for the first time at home, he had never done this before,” explains IJsbrand. “After we posted this on Facebook, several other drivers like Herman ter Harmsel, Okkema and Voutaz followed our example and even put a larger number to the carriage, which was great! We then decided to harness 12 Lipizzaner horses, all (indoor) competition horses. The challenge of course, was to go up the road with them. It is all good and well to drive them at home in our arena, but to drive them from our place into the village is quite a challenge, especially because we have a ditch on one side of the road..! But we succeeded and it was great fun to do. We have already received a lot of reactions, even from the mayor of Schipluiden,” concludes Chardon.


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