18 March 2015

Jan Kraai named President Dutch Driving Association

Jan Kraai was chosen to be the new president of the Dutch Driving Association at their annual meeting on March 18. The gavel was handed over by Jeroen Houterman, who had to step down as president after seven years, due to his responsibilities in the KNHS Combined Driving Technical Commission.

Veterinarian Jan Kraai is no new face to the combined driving sport. In 1972 he was present at the very first Four-in-hand World Championships in Münster Germany as a supporter for Daan Modderman. In 1976 he was an assistant obstacle judge at the Four-in-hand World Championships in Apeldoorn, and over the years he has been active as a groom for many pair and four-in-hand drivers. Since 1991 Jan Kraai has been the FEI veterinarian at the International Driving Competition in Beekbergen as well as the 2008 World Championships in Beesd and the 2010 Single World Championships in Lezirias.
Both Jan and his wife are active members of their local riding club and also breed riding horses.