10 February 2022

Tickets available now for the Four In Hand Driving World Championships in Pratoni del Vivaro

The World Championships for Four in Hand Driving will be held this summer from September 22nd through the 25th, in Pratoni del Vivaro, Italy. The week before, from September 15th through 18th, the World Championships for Eventing will be held at the same facility. That guaranties 8 days of spectacular equestrian sport! Ticket sales have started and that means that you can be there too!

There are various types of tickets available; you can choose for normal entrance tickets, tickets for fixed seating in the stands, or exclusive VIP Pavillion tickets, which allow you entrance to the lounge, a welcome drink, and your own parking space close to the competition grounds.

There will be food stands and shops located in the shopping village. For those visitors with a love of luxury, there is a fine dining restaurant with a view of the arenas.


Parking for visitors is free. The parking area is close to the loading area of the shuttle, that brings you to the entrance of the competition grounds.

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Photo: Krisztina Horváth