5 July 2018

Lipica 2018: Three horses not fit to compete

The international driving competition in Lipica, Slovenia, started this morning with the horse inspection under a lovely warm sunshine. Over 120 horses from 59 competitors were presented to the Ground Jury and the veterinarians. Three horses were declared not fit to compete, one horse will be re-inspected on Friday morning.

Photo: Krisztina Horváth

The competition is over for Swiss single driver Mathieu Allimann whose Freiberger gelding did not pass the horse inspection. Italian pair driver Luca Cassottana presented two horses and one did not pass, which meant he had to withdraw from the pairs class. Cassottana will compete with his third horse in the singles class, for which he was also entered. Four-in-hand driver Rita Maria Walter will compete with four horses after her most experienced Kladruber gelding was declared not fit to compete.
Hungarian pair driver Robert Kiss will present of of his two horses for the re-inspection on Friday morning.

For the first time, there are several Children, Juniors and Young Drivers competing at Lipica to prepare for the upcoming European Championships in Kisbér-Aszár in August. The young driving talents were first to go in this afternoon’s dressage competition.

A total number of 57 competitors from 12 nations will compete these days at the wonderful site of the Lipizzaner Stud Farm in Lipica.

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