5 February 2015

Mark Weusthof takes a step back

There will be a team missing from the international show circuit in 2015.  Mark Weusthof, the driver from Rossum, NL will be taking a step back from international competition this year. The decision was made by Weusthof after he was not able to secure a sponsor for this season. He hopes to make arrangements to be back in the circuit in 2016, as the 2016 World Four-in-hand Championships are being held in Breda, NL.

Weusthof explains: "If you don't have a sponsor, the annual costs are enormous. In order to qualify for the World Championships in Breda, we can remain this year in the Netherlands. It may not be ideal, because we are competing less than we are used to, but the situation is as it is."

Weustof will work this year with the Twents Vierspan Theo Weusthof Foundation to look for a new head sponsor for his team. "A sponsor is needed if we want to start at the World Championships in Breda. Ideally this needs to be arranged before September, otherwise we will have problems. The sponsor doesn't necessarily have to be one company, but a few companies who would be willing to work together would also be fine. If I want to be competetive in Breda, I am going to need to make some international appearances.  Thanks to a large, enormously supportive team and current sponsors we are able to keep the horses training at a high level. WIthout their help that would not be possible, but if we really want to compete at world-level, we really need a head sponsor."