9 July 2015

Minden: German hegemony in pairs dressage

Once again the Germans set the tone in the pairs dressage. Dieter Baackmann won with 41,98 ahead of host and organiser Christof Weihe, who scored 42,62. Jan Felix Pfeffer finished third with 42,88.

The best foreign driver was Great Britain’s Anna Grayston with 43,01 on the fourth place, followed by Johann Weitlaner on the fifth place. Rodinde Rutjens proofed her nomination fort he Dutch team and set the best team score on the sixth place with 53,03 points.

With three German drivers in the lead, the German team is obviously in the lead with an advantage of 20 points to Great Britain, who is 6 points ahead of Belgium.

The weather was not so nice today, heavy rains showers tortured Minden during the night and there was much wind and rain during the day. The sun showed itself every now and then, but the temperature was cool.

The four-in-hand ponies had their horse inspection in the morning. All ponies were declared fit to compete. Twenty-five pony teams will start and four teams will compete in the Nations Cup.

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