25 August 2019

Gold for Tamara Pijl, Melanie van de Bunt and Marijke Hammink in Dutch Championships

After an exciting battle in a very sunny Oirschot, the Dutch pony drivers mounted the podium to receive their medals of the Dutch Pony Driving Championships. Tamara Pijl won gold for the first time in her career in the Pony Single Class, just after she decided to withdraw from the sport. Melanie van de Bunt renewed her title in the Pony Pairs Class, while Marijke Hammink won gold for the second time in a row after a strong performance with her Pony Team.

the Single Pony podium
Photo: Crista Castelijns


Pony Single
1. Tamara Pijl
2. Brent Janssen
3. Marissa Schuiling

Pony Pair
1. Melanie van de Bunt
2. Rodinde Rutjens
3. Cas Hendriks

Pony four-in-hand
1. Marijke Hammink
2. Edith Chardon
3. Jannes Kinds

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