24 October 2019

Pau 2019: 45 horses ready to start

The Horse Inspection of the CAIO4* for Horse Singles in Pau started this morning at 9 am in front of the main tribune on the main arena. A total number of 46 horses were presented to the Ground Jury, which is led by Reiner Wannenwetsch from Germany. Canada's Kelly Houtappels-Bruder unfortunately had to decide to withdraw after the Horse Inspection because her horse was not fit enough to compete.

Franz Schiltz
Photo: Pixelvisuel

The main arena will be the stage for the Cones competition on Saturday and will have one marathon obstacle on Sunday. The dressage will take place on the grass arena, where the dressage competition for the 2020 World Championships are also planned.

A total number of 45 Competitors from 13 Nations will start. Ten Nations teams will compete in the Nations Cup.

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