2 December 2018

Stockholm 2018: Spectacular win for Boyd Exell

Boyd Exell has won the FEI World Cup™ Driving Leg in Stockholm in a spectacular competition. Koos de Ronde finished in second place, Belgium’s Edouard Simonet caused a huge surprise by taking the third place.

Boyd was the last man in the arena in the drive-off in the course of level 3 Course Designer Dan Henriksson from Sweden: “I had a bit of a wobble at the bridge and one ball down, so I knew I had to go fast,” said Boyd. “In the second marathon obstacle my outside leader horse hit a ball so I had to go even faster. At the first split time I had the same time as Koos, so in the second half I was really flying. I made up 8 seconds, I did not think that was possible!”

Boyd finished only 0,23 seconds ahead of Maastricht-winner Koos de Ronde, which caused huge excitement in the Friends Arena in Stockholm, which was filled with enthusiastic spectators.
Edouard Simonet drove a remarkable round and could have finished in second place, but one ball dropped him to the third place.

Chester Weber finished in fourth position, ahead of wild card driver Axel Olin and Benjamin Aillaud.

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