28 July 2017

’t Peerdewinkeltje will be in Beekbergen!

Everyone's favourite driving equipment boutique 't Peerdewinkeltje from Veenendaal will be in Beekbergen August 3-6 and will bring with them Europe's largest collection of driving bits!

‘t Peerdewinkeltje, who has been passionately involved in combined driving since 1979, has a vast collection of bits, from budget models starting at 25 euro, to the highest quality European bits with various mouth pieces and shafts and are available in a range of sizes from eight to twenty centimeter.

Letty will also have twelve different models of driving gloves in Beekbergen, all from her Letty’s Design collection and available in all sizes and prices.

The label Letty’s Design synonomous with innovative and quality products. ‘t Peerdewinkeltje is a producer and importer of Kieffer harness and delivers both high quality leather and synthetic harness with excellent service at a reasonable price. There are more than fifty different models and sizes of harness available direct from their store in Veenendaal, and a selection will also be available in Beekbergen.

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