15 April 2024

The British Indoor Carriage Driving Championships are back!

It’s no secret: indoor driving is fun – and free to watch, up close and personal. The British Indoor Carriage Driving Championships return to Arena UK, 19-21 April, where the best meets the best.

Indoor driving has three phases – a simple ten-movement figure-driving test, a course of cones and two obstacles driven twice and as fast as possible (on Saturday and Sunday). The lowest score wins. Fifteen class Champion and five Supreme trophies await new homes. Drivers from six years old to (well) over 70 take part: it’s probably the friendliest equestrian activity. 136 top drivers from the 21 regions around the UK are invited to take part with over 150 horses and ponies. Past champions have gone on to win National titles and to represent Great Britain in Europe.

Ponies, cobs and Shetlands, miniature horses, Dartmoors, Andalusians, Hackneys, Gelderlanders and singles, pairs, tandems and teams take part. Two-wheelers and carriages with pneumatic tyres are perfectly acceptable, so long as they are fit for purpose no-one needs to burst their budget. Newcomers are welcome. All events are pulled together by a team of volunteers.

Spectators are welcome, free. There’s a selection of country clothing, horse, human and canine products and carriage driving tradestands, plus knowledgeable advice.

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Photo: TT-Photography