1 May 2016

Valkenswaard: top sport in the sunshine

A day full of sunshine, beautiful horses and lots of spectators made for a wonderful closing day here in Valkenswaard. The challenging cones course made for an exciting day and caused lots of changes to the leaderboard. A full dress prize giving ceremony duely honoured the winners.

The cones course had a number of difficult elements, but the one to cause the most problems was gate 4, the bridge. Quite a few horses had a good look, and it even caused a refusal. Those that made it over the bridge had to immediately regain control in order to navigate a tight turn leading to an extra small gate. The zigzag in front of the grandstand and a wave on the other long side created lots of problems for the drivers, as did an oxer and a small gate that was placed at the end of a long line that many drivers took at a full gallop.