5 April 2019

Van der Wiel delivers gala harness for Royal Danish Six-in-hand

Last week Van der Wiel harness delivered a stunning six-in-hand gala harness to the Danish Royal Stables.

The masterful craftsmanship that went into this harness was evident in every stitch. Henk van der Wiel himself presented the harness to the Royal Stables.
The collars are made from the finest English leather, and fitted with royal emblems and monograms.
More photos have been posted on Facebook and Instagram for those wishing to admire this masterwork.

Finally we can reveal some beautiful pictures of our SIX in HAND ROYALTY project for the Royal Stables of Denmark. Previous week Henk van der Wiel delivered this peace of mastercraft in Denmark himself. Presentation collar harness, special model, black with patend leather, made with the finest quality Englisch tanned leather. Superbly finished with corresponding Royal emblems and monograms.Made with passion, more …check instagram https://www.instagram.com/vanderwielharness/

Geplaatst door Van Der Wiel Harness op Maandag 1 april 2019



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