27 November 2023

Free marathon training in Kronenberg

Top location Grandorse in Kronenberg, known for thier international competition every year, makes its marathon facilities available for training on three weekend days in January, February and March.

On Saturday January 6, Saturday February 3 and Saturday March 2, teams of all classes can use the two beautiful obstacles with a hard surface and the water obstacle for training. The obstacles are not lettered. The training is completely free; So you can drive an obstacle as often as you want. There is no starting order, but you should of course take into account others who also want to train.

The costs are 25 euros per carriage/Team and the use of a helmet and body protector is mandatory.

You can register with Jeroen Houterman by e-mail (houtermanklessens@hetnet.nl) or by telephone: 06-50244615

Photo: Krisztina Horváth