11 December 2015

World Class Competition for Pony Fours

A World Premiere will take place in Schwerin, Germany, on 23 and 24 January 2016 when for thr first time in the history of carriage driving, pony four-in-hand drivers will compete against each other in a World Cup format indoor competition. Top drivers Jan de Boer (NED), Tinne Bax (BEL), Steffen Brauchle (GER), Tobias Bücker (GER) and Michael Bügener (GER) will enter this spectacular event.

The initiative for this great competition was taken by German pony driver Karl-Heinz Klasen and the organiser of the CSI** Schwerin Jumping International.
The first competition is scheduled for Saturday evening 23 January, the Final with Winning Round will take place on Sunday 24 January. The competitors are really competing at World Class level as the course they will drive is the course from the CAI-W Leipzig the week before, designed by World Cup Course Designer Dr. Wolfgang Asendorf (GER).

Furthermore, the prize pot contains no less than € 6500, which is unique for the German pony driving sport as well.
Kalle Klasen is very enthusiastic about this initiative: "Ponies are quicker and easier to turn than horses. I think we can expect an even more exciting and faster competition than the 'big boys'".

Tickets via: ticketservice@stadthalle-schwerin.de.