26 juni 2013

Aachen: Chester Weber in the lead

USA’s Chester Weber has taken the lead in the individual competition of the world’s largest four-in-hand competition in Aachen. Weber won today’s dressage test ahead of reigning World Champion Boyd Exell (AUS) and golden team medallist Theo Timmerman (NED).

Weber put down a very nice and smooth test, driving the same horses as with which he won the dressage in Aachen in 2012: “I used a young horse in my team in Saumur two weeks ago where I won. Although this horse did extremely well, I decided to use the same experienced horses as last year. Aachen is so special and also very demanding, I did not want to take any risks,” said Weber, who was very please with his and Jane Clark’s horses.

All 25 drivers will compete in tomorrow’s dressage competition where test nr. 8a will be driven. The dressage starts at 10.00 hrs.

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