8 juli 2009

Belgian selection WC Greven

The Belgian Federation has announced the selection for the team and the individual competitors for the World Combined Pony Driving Championships in Greven Bockholt, Germany, from 13 to 16 August 2009.
President of the driving committee Mia Allo has offered to be considered as second individual driver in the pony team class. She herewith gives way to the young and talented pony drivers.
At the moment it is not clear how many individual drivers may compete.
Underneath an overview of the selected drivers.
Chef d’équipe: Philippe Lienart – Assistant: Paul Denblyden

Single pony
Marc Antoine Jacquet: Dynod Jack
Johan Verswalm: Cathy’s Tabor
Pony pair
Laurent Herman: Dynod Gorian – Magic Dancer II – Bolgerstown Heaven
André Wynants: Tarras – Tariel – Texas – Djody – Barique
Vierspan pony’s
Pony Team
Tinne Bax: Vechtzicht’s Consul – Rambo – Frisia’s Yankee – Waterland’s Sam – Waterland’s Appolo – Vierhoek’s MC Manneman – Good Hope’s Kyokko – Harejump’s Storm – Ysselvliedt’s Igor
Jan Nijs: Ruby – Urby – Bounty – Cleido – Urga
Glenn Geerts: Napoleon – Jody – Pride – Shanty – Ciejan’s Lars – Blackhill Fancy Man – Jason
Mia Allo: Jort – Arco – Duke 76 – Thibo – Baron – Mastwood Robin Hood – Coelehaege’s Erasmus

Mia Allo gives way to the young drivers in Belgium. Photo: Rinaldo de Craen