6 december 2009

Budapest: Exell in top form

Boyd Exell was in top form this afternoon in Budapest, Hungary, where he won his third World Cup competition of this season. Exell has now completed his World Cup competitions and with the drop score of Stockholm last weekend he is by far in the lead of the standings and certain of a starting place for the Final in Geneva in April.

Dutch driver Koos de Ronde drove two strong rounds, but did not manage to close the gap with Exell and came second. Wild card driver Jozsef Dobrovitz qualified with his newly composed team for the winning round and herewith secured his third place. Which was good thing, because Dobrovitz had several knock downs and completely crashed one of the marathon obstacles.

Swiss drivers Werner Ulrich and Daniel Würgler came fourth and fifth, ahead of World Cup debutant Jiri Nesvacil from the Czech Republic. The other two wild card drivers Zoltan Lázár and Miklos Juhasz took the 7th and 8th place.

The next World Cup competition takes place in Mechelen, Belgium, on 29 and 30 December. Boyd Exell has received a wild card and IJsbrand Chardon will compete for the first time at a World Cup event with his new Lipizzaner horses.